Our Offshore Training Center (OTC) services help customers outsource software training at lower cost and lower risk. We offer tailored, dedicated trainers with required skill sets and experience.

We also provide online webinars and conduct user training through web.

Project Management

We have qualified trainers and they have different industry experience who share their knowledge and experience. We help hundreds of users to get the Project Management professional training courses.

Big Data

It is very well known fact that Data is the digital currency. We offer variety of Big Data courses on demand. Our expert trainers had past industry experience and also guide their users to execute in future.


The accelerated capitalization of businesses in up-to-the-minute automation to boost income is not astonishing. What is extraordinary, however, is that technology never fails to astound the world candidly by its very nature to do so. The latest buzzword creating waves in the world of technology is ‘Internet of Things’- shortly put IoT.

Custom Training

Web Maisters believe on a new technology therefore we offers variety of Custom Training courses to our cooperate clients.