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The accelerated capitalization of businesses in up-to-the-minute automation to boost income is not astonishing. What is extraordinary, however, is that technology never fails to astound the world candidly by its very nature to do so. The latest buzzword creating waves in the world of technology is ‘Internet of Things’- shortly put IoT. But what is IoT exactly and what is it about this forthcoming progression that marks yet another milestone to accomplishment in the world of internet? IoT is the use of internet protocol so as to embed a system of physical objects with sensors, software’s, electronics and connectivity to allow it to perform better by exchanging information with other connected devices- the manufacturer or the operator. The object might range from something as atomic as a light saver at home or door locks to objects as colossal as hubs for controlling multiple devices. IoT aims at connecting absolutely everything!

At this point, big brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Philips and LG are investing commendable amounts in IoT with aims to generate higher revenue in forthcoming future. Business Insider estimates that up to 34 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020 with about $6 trillion investment being made on IoT solutions in the next five years. Rightly so, technology knows no bounds! IoT struck it rich in Ohio where the implementation of ‘pay as you throw’ program resulted in diminishing the amount of dumped waste while uplifting the volume of recycled waste. Notwithstanding the disputes swirling around with regard to confidentiality of shared data and costs involved in IoT implementation, individuals, firms and even governments do not cease to display interest and invest in this state-of-the-art development.

It would not be false to say that appropriate use of IoT at any and every level shall accomplish incredible outcomes. Smart dust is one such ‘smart’ contribution in this era of IoT, where computers of the size of a rice grain can be sprayed or injected almost anywhere to detect temperature, light, chemicals in soil or even diagnose diseases in human body. In Dublin, smart sensors distributed all across the city administer the status quo of the city that in turn facilitates well-timed repercussions.

The virtual personality of smart objects amplifies the eventuality of IoT in the near future:

  • Imagine you are at a two hour drive away from your home when you suddenly realize that you have forgotten to turn off the air conditioner of your living room. Do not freeze up at the thought of those quickly multiplying bill figures. Rather, you use your smartphone to tell your smart thermostat to do the helpful. The idea of your fridge reminding you to fetch milk as you hurriedly leave for work is no longer bizarre. The use of IoT in your ‘smart’ home extends to door locks, safety alarms and other energy equipment’s as mentioned.
  • IoT will take away your anxiety of unending rows while you wait to see your doctor next time. In comes, ‘smart’ patient monitoring! This shall eliminate the need for direct meeting also cutting down your routine checkup charges. Regular monitoring would thus enable treatment in the nick of time. IoT would surely support accurate diagnosis of diseases making less room for blunders. There are hardly any of us who has not lived the ‘Cinderella’ moment where in the shopkeeper slips right size of shoe in your feet. IoT enables that ‘size-check’ to be done smartly allowing for the delivery of your shoes at your doorstep. Need a better example of customer satisfaction and retention yet?
  • This news of Amazon opening up an unmanned store created ripples- indeed a smart idea of a smart store! “Robert Ilijason” is also another name in this respect that opened up an unmanned shop in Sweden that facilitates customers to make purchases at any hour of the day by scanning the items they wish to purchase. These customers are then charged on a monthly basis. With the implementation of ‘smart’ safety measures, theft is unlikely to take place in these ‘smart’ marts. While it sounds great and helpful for rural areas, I wonder how would the resulting unemployment be dealt with?
  • Verizon Communications is regarded as one of the early movers in IoT in the manufacturing sector. Rightly so, they are likely to have a competitive edge in terms of augmented efficiency, increased automation and positive aftereffects of sharing data across the value chain. The quest to bring unique ideas into being in this technology-driven age remains interminable. And why not? Internet has always strived to make life easier and more comfortable for individuals as well as sectors. Nevertheless, how far does this ultimate revolution named IoT takes the planet is yet to be seen

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